Pediatric Dentistry

Working with varieties of families of all ages, we strive to identity imminent dental diseases and prevent further reoccurrences. We understand how hectic and busy families can be, especially with little ones, so you can always rely on us to guide you through the importance of oral health and hygiene. It’s important to bring your children in as early as 6 months to12 months old, or when their first tooth appears, in order to diagnose early onset of any dental problems.

We work with families’ busy schedules and get their regular dental exams, cleaning and X-Rays planned in order to gain optimum prevention. We assist in keeping your regular exams up to date with friendly reminders and calls.

Sealants and Fillings

Sealants are a made of a plastic like material that coats the rear permanent molars and helps the prevention of cavities. The sealant covers the tooth and its crevices and fissures so to avoid food and plaque getting stuck and causing cavities in the teeth. Because kids are not always frequent brushes, it is ideal to provide sealants when their molars have erupted.

Fillings on children are most typically done when cavities have successfully caused damage and decay to teeth. Cavities commonly occur in children who are exposed to lots of candy and chocolate but a lack of brushing their teeth. Topical and local anesthetics are placed to make sure any patient feels no pain or discomfort.