Clear Brackets

Why clear brackets?

Clear brackets move almost as fast as metal brackets, but they are as discreet as the Invisalign aligners. Clear brackets are powered by high technology archwires that will get results fast.

Ideal for you?

Clear brackets are ideal for a working professional that wants to be discreet but would like to achieve fast results. Like any orthodontic appliance, clear brackets require care and a tender touch. Clear brackets are often made of hard porcelain and the design is almost the same as traditional brackets. Make sure you discuss with Dr. Celia as she can weigh the treatment pros and cons and develop a personalize treatment according to your needs.

What to expect?

Clear brackets are placed on the front teeth and metal ones are places in the posterior to provide better anchorage. In addition, metal bands will be placed around your last molars to pull, push, and hold the desire teeth. You will require a few appointments before starting the treatment to ensure you are at your best in order to avoid any complications during the treatment. For more information book an orthodontics consultation.


For your convenience, we work along with almost all insurance companies. Our friendly stuff will be happy to assist you in the process of pre-approving your treatment. To increase affordability we also provide payment plans.