Regular Checkups

Prevention is not to be taken lightly. With routine examinations, teeth conditions, as well as potentially costly procedures, can be avoided. X-Rays are used to provide a complete assessment and to detect subtle changes in bone and teeth structure.


A professional tooth cleaning is recommended every 6 months. In order to prevent gum disease, we will start by “scaling” or removing the tartar build up in between your gums and teeth.


Later, we will polish your teeth with a slightly coarse toothpaste to create smooth surface were bacteria won’t be able to attach easily. The polishing will leave your teeth smooth until your next visit.


A fluoride varnish, rinse or gel will be provided to help reduce the risk of cavities by remineralizing the enamel.


X-rays often show hidden decay or slight changes in bone and teeth structures. This is a very useful tool to detect early disturbances in your teeth health and early infections.