We care about your comfort and health. We understand that our teeth ages as we do too. Numerous health issues can affect your teeth. In some cases, dental and health problems can lead to numerous teeth extractions. Our Gleneagle Dental team is committed to providing you with the best complete or partial dentures.

What is a denture?

Dentures are considered a type of prosthesis. These structures are meant to fill the spaces of missing teeth. Dentures are often removable or permanent (implant).

Do I need a denture?

  • Difficulty with speech due to missing teeth
  • Difficulty at eating and swallowing
  • Overall facial contour aesthetics

What to expect?

If you and your dentist decided the best option is to go for a denture (removable or implanted dentures), we will start by:

  1. Matching carefully your teeth colour and teeth size according to your complexion and face structure.
  2. Take and impression of your gums and jaw to get an accurate bite.
  3. We will fabricate a wax model to check the fitting and the bite. This model will be adjusted and altered until a perfect fitting is achieved.
  4. Once the fitting is appropriate, the wax model will be sent for processing in the laboratory.
  5. The first few weeks you will be asked to wear the denture continuously to adapt faster and to find imperfections in the denture that can be easily adjusted. If the denture is implanted, surgery to attach the denture will be needed. (Please refer to the implant section to get more information about this process).
  6. It is very important that you communicate with your dentist about any discomfort and pain during this process. Your dentist will adjust the denture to ease any discomfort during the adaptation period.