What is a bridge?

A bridge is a great durable and economic solution to preserve your bite after a tooth extraction. A bridge is simply multiple crowns attached together in order to replace and protect the space of missing tooth or teeth. The bridge is usually supported by two teeth which are appropriately prepared to hold the whole structure. A bridge structure will be most likely suggested if:

  • Restoring a healthy bite
  • Facilitate chewing
  • Restore facial contours
  • Aesthetics(after trauma, accident or misaligned bite damage)

Bridge preparation

During the first appointment, the dentist will prepare the neighboring teeth to the empty space and give them an ideal shape and size. After the neighboring teeth are ready, an impression is taken to prepare the mold for the bridge. A temporary bridge will be provided. The mold will be sent to the dental laboratory.

In your second visit, the dentist will cement the definite bridge and will give you instructions for the aftercare. The materials used in the bridge are similar to the crown. The most common ones are gold, metal and porcelain and zirconia.

If any pain, swelling, discharge occurs make sure to contact your dentist immediately.