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Additionally, high-risk drinking — which is considered four or more drinks for women and five or more for men on a single occasion — went up 30 percent in the same time frame. So not only are more of us drinking, but we’re drinking more. Joy Manning, a Philadelphia-based freelance writer and creator of the Instagram account Better Without Booze, can also attest to the life-changing effects of sobriety. She said she just celebrated her 600th day of not drinking. Although free radicals play their own role in protecting your health, when they’re not kept in balance by antioxidants, they begin to damage your fatty tissue, DNA and proteins. That damage can, in turn, contribute to diabetes, heart disease, neurodegenerative illnesses and other age-related conditions you want to avoid.

That’s where alcohol comes in — it dehydrates you and dries out your skin. You have to be old enough to drink it legally, and once you are, it can age you faster than normal. Heavy drinking can have a direct effect on certain parts of your body and on your mental health as you get older. And it can have some unhealthy indirect effects, as well.

Alcohol And Aging: Does Drinking Make You Look Older?

If you feel that alcohol is endangering you or someone else, call 911 or get other help right away. Adults of all ages who drink and drive are at higher risk of traffic accidents and related problems than those who do not drink. Drinking slows reaction times and coordination and interferes with eye movement and information processing. People who drink even a moderate amount can have traffic accidents, possibly resulting in injury or death to themselves and others. Even without alcohol, the risk of crashes goes up starting at age 55. Also, older drivers tend to be more seriously hurt in crashes than younger drivers. A 2017 study published in JAMA Psychiatry found the number of adults in the United States who regularly consumed alcohol went from 65 percent in 2002 to 73 percent in 2013.

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Now, no one realizes that she needs a couple of drinks to get through each does alcohol age you day. Vitamin A is also extremely important in the production of collagen.

How Aging Affects This Process

Over time, drinking a little bit more alcohol than recommended could accelerate the brain’s aging process, according to a new study. found that middle-aged men who drank roughly 2.5 standard drinks a day had greater cognitive decline than those who drank less. These effects equated to nearly six years of extra aging for those within this age bracket. Alcohol abuse and addiction can have a negative impact on every aspect of a person’s life. If you or a loved one is dealing with an alcohol use disorder, help is available. Vertava Health has several treatment facilities in various states, all of which offer customized programs of recovery to help people overcome alcohol addiction.

does alcohol age you

“My dad was an alcoholic and I saw how that destroyed his health with a stroke at age 52. I also saw firsthand how my dad’s alcoholism affected our family, and I what is fetal alcohol syndrome did not want that for mine.” According to the NIAAA, alcohol increases the risks for falls and accidents, which can be very serious for people in this age group.

Daily Drinking Does Have A Real Impact On The Brain, Experts Say, But The Occasional Drink Can Be Good For The Heart

Well, the truth is that yes, it can make you age faster by causing wrinkles. This includes premature wrinkles, loss of collagen, elasticity, redness, dehydration and puffiness.

does alcohol age you

When you have lower amounts of collagen, you lose elasticity in your skin. Collagen and elasticity are what keep your skin supple, taut and looking young. By drinking in excess, you actually speed up the aging process because you are already losing collagen and elasticity as you Genetics of Alcoholism age. Your facial skin is already so delicate as compared to other areas of your body. We are constantly exposed to pollution, smog, smoke and the sun. The more you drink in excess, the more you’re speeding up the clock. Can drinking alcohol really speed up the aging process?

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But as we age, drinking alcohol can be more problematic than pleasurable for many reasons that we might not readily even recognize. Scientists continue to study alcohol’s effects on people and to look for new ways to treat alcoholism. This research will increase does alcohol age you the chance for recovery and improve the lives of problem drinkers. Even drinking a small amount of alcohol can impair judgment, coordination, and reaction time. It can increase the risk of work and household accidents, including falls and hip fractures.

  • For example, alcohol causes changes in the heart and blood vessels.
  • Drinking also can make older people forgetful and confused.
  • Alcohol can make some medical concerns hard for doctors to find and treat.
  • These changes can dull pain that might be a warning sign of a heart attack.
  • For people with diabetes, drinking affects blood sugar levels.

If you use drugs or alcohol, on either a limited or chronic basis, there’s a good chance you’re causing more extensive damage than just wrinkles. Let’s explore the specific parts of the body that can age as a result of alcohol abuse.

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As you age, you become more sensitive to alcohol’s effects. After age 65, your lean body mass and water content drop. As a result, the amount of alcohol in your blood is higher than it would have been when you were younger. If you’re concerned that drug abuse or addiction is aging you and jeopardizing your health and life, don’t put off asking for help any longer.’s confidential assessment will help you find a healthier, sober life.